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Frequently Asked Questions

How much playtime does my cat get? 

Playtime is fully at the discretion of our guests.

Some cats love to socialize, go on adventures, and don't object to going back into their room when their free time is up. These cats usually get several outings a day, lasting up to hour each time.

Some of our guests are a little shy and we do not force them out of their room if they don't want to. They will let us know when they are ready to explore. Some of our guests are elderly and prefer to take one slow morning and evening walk around the play area and go back into their own room as if to say " I have seen it all, thank you".  

Could my cat get hurt by another cat?   

Most certainly not. Our guests are only allowed out of their rooms one at a time. If multiple cats are from the same home, they will be allowed out together if permission by the owner if granted.  

What happens if my cat gets sick?  

It is best to discuss with your cat's veterinarian and with the staff at Cats Only what your wishes are concerning cost and extent of possible treatments, especially if your cat is older. The cost of veterinary expenses would be your responsibility.

Do I have to worry about my cat catching fleas?

   June 1 to December 31, all cats are required to have a flea treatment, even if your cat is an indoor cat. If you prefer to have us to apply the flea treatment, we can do so upon check-in. There is a $20.00 fee for that service.  

Will my cat be groomed during her stay?

The brushing included in the regular price is pleasure brushing only. Sorry, we do not de-mat.

My cat has never been away from home. Do I have to worry?

     No, you don't have to worry. Although cats are creatures of habit they are very adaptable. It may take them two, or even three days to be fully comfortable with the transition. Our staff has had lots of experience helping cats adjust to their new environment. You can help by providing a shirt, towel or small blanket with your scent on it, to be placed in their beds. This assures your feline family member that they are not being abandoned and you are coming back. 

What about administering medication?

 We are happy to administer medication during our operational hours. If your cat is openly hostile and will not be handled by a stranger, we will not want to force them, and it would be best to board them at a veterinary facility.

One other frequently asked question is: May I stay here too?

Sorry, we are for Cats Only


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