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Ursula with Siamese

About Ursula

Ursula passed away on September 22, 2020. We miss her passion, insight and knowledge. We are greatly honoured though to continue to run Cats Only Bed & Breakfast following her vision to provide exceptional and loving boarding services for cats only.

Ron, Julie & Kaitlyn Satelmayer

Ursula Satelmayer has loved and cared for cats, dogs and all kinds of animals and birds since she was a child, but cats are her special love.

Once her children had grown up and left the nest, there was enough space and time to look after those cats whose owners can't, for one reason or another, care for them at that time.
In the past twenty years, Ursula has cared for thousands of cats and she remembers them all. She has studied and read extensively about cats and has been fortunate to have had the help of a veterinarian for several years on a daily basis in her facility. In this way she has acquired quite a bit of knowledge about cats and their needs, wants and likes and dislikes too. And the cats respond to her beautifully. For many cats, her place has become a second home, and for Ursula, Cats Only Bed and Breakfast has been a dream come true.

Ursula's only regret is that she didn't open her Bed & Breakfast many years earlier.

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