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Unlike for dogs, which have to have a kennel cough vaccination when being boarded there is no special vaccination available to protect cats from the common cold which can easily be transferred in a boarding facility.

To prevent this we recommend cats recieve a supplement called L-Lysine. L-Lysine is not a drug, it is an essential amino acid and an important dietary supplement but to be effective it needs to be given ahead of boarding and while boarding and after boarding. It prevents the cold virus from multiplying and is good for the overall health of your cat.

We ask that all cats be given L-Lysine for about 14 days or so before coming to stay with us and also for about 14 days after going home. L-Lysine is available in pet stores and online through Amazon. It is found in a soft treat form and also as a powder which can be mixed in wet food. You can also find regular L-Lysine supplement (for people) can also be used. It is available wherever supplements are sold and mostly comes in capsule form of 500mg each. The capsules can be opened and mixed with soft food or a bit of tuna etc. Start with a little bit and work up to a capsule/day. It tastes a bit salty so get your cat used to it slowly.

Please don't buy caplets or soft gels since you will have a hard time giving it to your cat.

It is good to always have L-Lysine on hand for your cat because at certain times of the year the "cat flu" goes around and your cat may start sniffling and sneezing even at home. L-Lysine is very effective if given immediately upon the first sign of an upper respiratory infection. If you wait until your cat is quite ill it won't help anymore and your cat will need veterinary care. Prevention is always the best.

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