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Frequently Asked Questions

How much playtime does my cat get?
Usually one half hour a day, more or less; it all depends on the cat. Some cats love to socialize, climb on anything and everything, have a good time while being out and don't object to going back into their room when their free time is up. These cats usually get several outings a day. Also long-term guests get extra free time out.

Some cats are too shy to come out; we don't force them. Some cats are too lazy; they take one slow walk around the play area and go back into their own room as if to say "I have seen it all, thank you".

Could my cat get hurt by another cat?
Most certainly not. Cats are only ever allowed out one at a time. If two cats are from the same home and stay in the same suite they will be allowed out together.

What happens if my cat gets sick?
Your cat will be taken to her own veterinarian if it is within reasonable distance. Otherwise most likely to a local cat clinic. It is best to discuss with your cat's veterinarian beforehand what your wishes are concerning cost and extent of possible treatments, especially if your cat is older. The cost of veterinary expenses would be your responsibility.

Do I have to worry about my cat catching fleas?

In the summer and fall, June 1 to December 31, all cats have to be on some kind of flea control, even if your cat is an indoor cat and especially if there is a dog in your house. If you are against any kind of flea control your cat may still stay with us but will be given an upper suite and no free time out in the play area. Cats will be examined upon arrival and if fleas or any indication of flea dirt is found on your cat it will be refused admittance.

Will my cat be groomed during her stay?
The brushing included in the regular price is pleasure brushing only as long as your cat is happy about it, which most cats usually are. Sorry, we do not de-mat.

My cat has never been away from home. Do I have to worry?
If you have had your cat since she was a baby, have spoiled her every which way and your cat has never been away from home and is now older, you most certainly should worry. However there is a way to tell your cat that you are coming back and have not abandoned her.
Bring your cat one or two days earlier and visit her the next day and maybe the next as well. This way your cat knows that you are coming back because you came back and she will not get depressed but simply wait for you to come back. It works beautifully and then you don't have to worry. You only need to do this the first time. Next time around your cat won't even worry at all.

What about administering medication?
If this is your cat's first visit, the arrangement of bringing your cat one or two days earlier and visiting the next day works usually very well here, too. Since our aim is to have a relaxed and stress-free environment, your cat may need the extra day or two to adjust. If your cat is openly hostile and will not be handled by a stranger, we will not want to force her and it would be best to board her at a veterinary clinic.

And one other frequently asked question is: May I stay here too?


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