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Rates & Details

Current pricing:

Regular Large Suites


Extra Large Suites

First week
Second week
3rd week
4th week
After that

$ 8.00/day
  First week
Second week
3rd week
4th week
After that
2nd or 3rd cat in same extra large suite - 1/2 price
HST is charged on all fees.
Payment by cheque or cash only.
Long term guests need to prepay monthly.

You bring your cat's food since a lot of cats are on special food and most cats will get an upset stomach when their food is changed.

Bedding, etc.
We provide beds, blankets, dishes, litter box and litter.

Valid vaccination certificates are required (regular routine vaccinations OK).

No last minute vaccinations accepted, there has to be a 2 week space before boarding.

Instead of kennel cough vaccinations (given to dogs), cats need to get a L-Lysine supplement for about 10 days before boarding. L-Lysine is not a drug but a good supplement and very effective in controlling the common sniffles and sneezes which cats can pick up easily. Most pet shops carry L-Lysine as treats or a powder to be mixed with food. Learn more about L-lysine here. >>

Flea control is recommended year-round. Flea control is mandatory during Summer & Fall.

Business Hours
Sunday to Friday: 9 am to 2 pm or by appointment
Evenings: usually 5 pm to 7 pm


Closed for drop-off and pick-up

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