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Our Facilities

THE BOARDING FACILITIES are homey and calm with soothing music playing.The facilities are well ventilated with constant fresh air intake. The facilities are climate controlled with air-conditioning during the summer months and radiant floor heating in the winter. A large, up-to-date laundry room and two kitchenettes complete with fridge and dishwasher ensure superb cleanliness.

The 1,500 square foot Bed and Breakfast consists of three rooms plus a loft which can be separated into two completely separate units. Each unit has its own entrance and air supply to allow quarantining if it should become necessary due to illness. We follow a strict regimen regarding disinfection. Additionally, we routinely alternate leaving one section of Cats Only vacant for a period of time to allow for total disinfection.

Double entrance doors ensure that would-be Houdini's don't succeed.
  Our Facilities

THE INDIVIDUAL PRIVATE SUITES are fully furnished little "kitty condos".

Each suite has 2 or 3 levels to accommodate litter box, bed, blanket, toys, dishes, etc. Each suite has at least one window to the outside with sunshine at some time of the day. Then there is usually another window to the side and of course a gate to the inside to allow for access and interaction. The cats love their windows where they can sunbathe and watch the birdfeeders with little chipmunks and squirrels running around too.

The extra large suites are 4 feet high, 4 feet deep and 4 feet wide, or the equivalent and will easily accommodate 2 or 3 cats from the same family, provided they get along, or they will be suitable for a young, active cat.

The extra-extra large suites consist of 2 sections with a gate to accommodate those family members who will be happier being with their usual companions but may not always get along.

The regular suites are also 4 feet high and 4 feet deep but only 2.5 to 3 feet wide. The ground level suites are for the more outgoing and social guests and the upper suites for timid, aloof cats or maybe shy first timers.
  Private Suite
Inside Play Area   WATCHING THE INSIDE PLAY AREA and supervising staff is quite time consuming for our guests. A cat just loves to watch another cat from a safe distance. And while the cats are waiting for their turn to come out and play they are not ignored. Room and maid service visits with food, water, new toys, a hug, a scratch or a cuddle, or just a 'getting acquainted' conversation.

Food and fresh water is served two times daily for most cats, more often if required and snacks as requested, too. Litterboxes are cleaned and/or changed twice daily as well. Grooming is peasure grooming only. Early afternoons are quiet until supper time and more activities. By 10 pm, a bedtime snack and lullabies wrap up a busy day.
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